Art Works

…something made me want to capture it, mould it, and make it into something beautiful… 

None of these images were ever meant to be sold or gifted or otherwise – just for me to be able to express my creativity and to see if I could tell a story with my camera. 

With that being said stories cannot be told without listeners, and art cannot be appreciated if it is not made available for others to appreciate. If you would like to purchase any pieces please get in contact with me. 

Each piece will be custom printed to the size and specification that you desire. Pricing will be based on those specifications.


This award winning image, was taken in a section of a little known park in the heart of Vancouver Island’s Qualicum Beach, taken to remind us how close we are to nature and its beauty. Taken at night, lit only by the moon when it was directly overhead, this image was both a challenge and a delight to capture.

2018 MPI IIC Award Winner

The neighbour

Black bear….

I should write more about this but really there isn’t much more to be said.  


I am hoping one day to be able to write something about this image but the words have not formed yet.


This image epitomizes my memories of working in Japan in my 20s – from the rubber boots to the long apron, the cell phone and the cigarette.   Working long hours for peanuts, juggling work, school, and life and yet even though you’re just scraping by you’re able to  find time to hang out with friends, chase dreams and enjoy the small breaks that life gives you. 

One of Four

This five storey pagoda at Senso-ji temple is a recreation of One of the Four original Edo Period pagodas. Since being bombed in WWII the structure was relocated and refurbished, and recreated to its original essence. The level of detail and the complexity in the geometry is often lost when looking at the structure from a far.


In Japan, a dragonfly symbolizes the summer and fall. The samurai considered it a symbol of agility and power. To the people of the North American First Nations,  it can have various meanings including purity and happiness. The dragonfly is an important symbol in my life as it reminds me of my heritage and of the land on which I have my homestead.  


Another moonlit tree scape. With the soft light from the moonlight the green moss and trees are able to saturate through the darkness.

Meeting time

Only after the office lights are turned off can the real business be dealt with.  


Food culture…. a fairly new idea in North America… but in Japan, the culture has always been about food and what food means. With population numbers far exceeding Canada’s, while occupying less land mass than one even one of Canada’s prairie provinces, Japan is a tightly knit network of resources, people and infrastructure. An average metropolitan home consists of less square footage than an average north American double car garage. So it is not surprising that when the Japanese give gifts, they are often perishable gifts, such as a perfect bouquet of flowers, fresh fruits, designer cookies, alcohol and regional foods. This has created a culture that appreciates the sheer beauty that comes from creating something amazing in perishable items.

This appreciation is felt both by the presenter and receiver of the gift. Much like in this image, where the chef, stands proudly watching his patrons, enjoying every drop of his masterful creation, he relishes in the joy that his ramen gives to the hard working patrons who have decided to treat themselves to his meal after a hard day’s work. The patrons silently sit, enjoying the ramen, and letting the stresses of the day melt away with the warmth of the dish.

Take for granted the incredible architecture, business megaliths, and incredible social infrastructure and transport systems, but they will never take for granted the care that an individual will put into creating for you that perfect meal. Nor will they take for granted the chef who happily watches them enjoy their ramen.

2018 MPI IIC Award Winner

Goodnight Boat

After a hard day at work the boats all come in to rest in the pier…


Where there is fire…. there are brave individuals who will go to fight it. Not for the fight, nor the glory or reward, but to protect those who are caught in its way. This series is in dedication to all the first responders, firefighters and their families, who risked their lives, livelihoods and time away from their families to ensure that we can be with ours.

North Beach

The sunsets in Qualicum Beach are very unique in that it is one of the rare north facing beaches in North America.  The waters tend to be calm and we get to look over onto the islands across the straight.  Anyone who has been here knows this view and this sunset. 


I don’t really know how to explain the beauty of the Japanese industrial areas. They are small pockets of high production in well kept dilapidation. Like a fine leather wallet that has gotten a fine patina from years of use. Like a pair of vintage jeans that have worn through the years. Japan’s industrial areas are the same – with the rust, smoke and grease adding to the character of the otherwise well maintained structures. 

Glimpses of Japan

Corner Store

The cornerstone of any community is the place that brings people together and sometimes the only thing that there is – is the corner store where kids can get candy and parents could get cigarettes.  And though big box stores and grocery chains start to choke out these important icons, we still remember the old lady behind the counter reading her book next to a full ashtray of discarded filters. 


Growing up in Banff – the Rockies were always around us and as beautiful as they were – they always seemed to be like an unscalable wall that kept us all safe but at the same time secluded.

My love hate relationship withe Rockies only started to stabilize after I had left.  Much like a child finally being able to reconcile their relationship with their parents years after leaving the nest.

Seattle at night